terça-feira, 5 de outubro de 2010

A história do mundo... E a formação dos bebês...

Achei bem interessante este vídeo, já que tem tudo a ver com o momento pelo qual estou passando, como mãe, como moradora deste planeta e responsável por um futuro morador...

Human history can be divided into three major periods in very much the same way that the development of a human embryo consists of three trimesters.

All throughout our past, weve been expanding, conquering, building, destroying, restructuring, and rebuilding again as weve continued evolving. Humanity continued to spread throughout the world, until finally, we conquered everything. A human fetus reaches this condition in the 38th week of its development.

For a child, the mothers womb is the most comfortable place to be, and yet, this stage of development is merely an intermediate stage. The goal is to be born, and it is therefore impossible to remain inside of the mothers womb. During delivery, a mothers body produces an enormous amount of adrenalin in order to help the child be born, since the process of delivery is quite difficult and painful for the child.

Similarly, we as humankind have reached a peak stage in our development, and we cannot continue existing according to the principles we previously designed. Even though we have no idea what to do next, this doesnt mean that there is no general plan for our development. Nature operates its own program that impacts us, forcing us to be born through crises, disasters, epidemics, and wars. After this birth, the child continues to develop, attaining a totally different world outside of the womb.

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