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Esqueceram de mim - De carona no cinema

Veja dicas de outros filmes que tenham participações relevantes de bebês e crianças ali no cantinho esquerdo do blog.Saiba mais sobre o projeto, aqui.

Que criança (da minha época, pelo menos) não adorava este filme? Um garoto realizando nossos desejos secretos de ficar sozinho em casa, fazer o que quiser e ainda aprontar com os adultos (bandidos, neste caso)?!
A continuação (Esquecerem de mim 2 – Perdido em Nova York) também é bem divertida; mas paramos por aí, já que o terceiro não tem Macaulay Culkin no papel principal, o que, pra mim, faz o filme perder a graça.
Nome original: Home Alone
Diretor: Chris Columbus
Roteirista: John Hughes
Gêneros: Aventura / Comédia
Budget: $15.000.000
Duração: 103 min
País: USA
Data de lançamento: 21/12/90


Em Chicago, uma família inteira planeja passar o Natal em Paris. Porém, em meio às confusões de viagem um dos filhos (Macaulay Culkin), com apenas 8 anos, é esquecido em casa. Assim, o garoto se vê obrigado a se virar sozinho e a defender a casa de dois ladrões.


Macaulay Culkin ... Kevin McCallister
Joe Pesci ... Harry
Daniel Stern ... Marv
John Heard ... Peter McCallister
Roberts Blossom ... Marley
Catherine O'Hara ... Kate McCallister
Angela Goethals ... Linnie
Devin Ratray ... Buzz
Gerry Bamman ... Uncle Frank
Hillary Wolf ... Megan
John Candy ... Gus Polinski


The concept for this movie originated during the filming of a scene in Quem Vê Cara Não Vê Coração in which Macaulay Culkin plays a character who interrogates a would-be-babysitter through a letterbox.

Joe Pesci's character, Harry Lime, is named after Orson Welles's character from the film O Terceiro Homem.

Entered into The Guinness Book of World Records as the "Highest Box Office Gross - Comedy", accumulating $533,000,000 internationally.

The posters and DVD cases for the movie had Culkin with his hands on his face and screaming, based on the famous painting "The Scream" by Edvard Munch.

Joe Pesci kept forgetting that he was filming a "family" movie during his characters on-screen outbursts so director Chris Columbus advised him to say "fridge" instead of the "F-word".

Although the part was written especially for Macaulay Culkin by John Hughes, several hundred other boys were auditioned by director Chris Columbus just because he wanted to confirm that Culkin was right for the part.

The wax-and-plastic artificial snow used in this film was given to the Lyric Opera of Chicago when shooting finished. It has since been used in numerous opera productions.

Robert De Niro turned down the role of Harry.

In the scene where Harry attempts to bite off Kevin's finger, Joe Pesci actually bit Macaulay Culkin, leaving a scar on his finger.

Daniel Stern agreed to have the tarantula put on his face for exactly one take. He had to mime screaming because the noise would have scared the spider, and the scream was dubbed in later.

There is a legend that Elvis Presley (who died in 1977) makes a cameo in this movie. Many of those who believe that Elvis is still alive maintain that, the heavily bearded man standing in the background of the scene where Mrs. MacCallister is shouting at the desk clerk (just before she meets John Candy) is Elvis.

Chris Columbus had storyboarded a few scenes in which Kevin would have a dream where the house would come to life. One included the evil furnace in the basement which would chase him to the stairs and another which several toy nutcrackers would come to life along with the house. The scenes however would have been too expensive on such a tight budget and the ideas were dropped.

The "evil furnace" in the basement was done by two guys with fishing line and flashlights.

According to Chris Columbus, Kevin Nordine did all the effects for the film in his parent's basement in Chicago, by drawing all the effects onto the film. He also did the effects for only a few hundred dollars at a time.

Several of Chris Columbus's family members make cameos in the film: His mother-in-law and his then-infant daughter Eleanor Columbus are both passengers on the plane. His wife Monica Devereux-Columbus is a stewardess and his father-in-law plays the police officer who gives the line "tell them to count their kids again."

Sigourney Weaver, Diane Keaton, Holly Hunter, Jodie Foster, Glenn Close, Geena Davis, Jamie Lee Curtis, Stockard Channing, Carrie Fisher, Kelly McGillis, Linda Hamilton, Helen Hunt, Laura Dern, Anjelica Huston, Sharon Stone, Michelle Pfeiffer, Jessica Lange, Daryl Hannah, Debra Winger, and Annie Potts were all considered for the role of Katie McCallister.

Michael Douglas, Kevin Costner, Martin Sheen, Dan Aykroyd, John Travolta, Tom Skerritt, Bill Murray, James Belushi, Chevy Chase, Harrison Ford, Tom Hanks, Sean Penn, Mel Gibson, Sylvester Stallone, Rick Moranis, Dennis Quaid, and Jack Nicholson were considered for the role of Peter McCallister.

The highest-grossing movie of 1990.

The movie is considered a traditional Christmas movie in Poland. It has aired on national TV during prime time Christmas season every year since 1990. In 2011 the movie aired on December 23rd with an audience of over 5 million, making it the most popular show aired during the Christmas season in Poland. One of the reasons for this is because the movie was one of the first western productions aired in Poland after the fall of communism.

The police station was actually the office of a high school.

The voice on the answering machine when Harry and Marv are robbing their first house is the film's editor Raja Gosnell, who would later direct Esqueceram de Mim 3.

The scene in which Kevin is buying a toothbrush was the first scene shot for the movie.

Macaulay Culkin drew the map that he uses to set up the traps.

The line "You guys give up, or are you thirsty for more?" was improvised.

The last scene filmed was the scene in which Kevin is running through the water-filled basement. The scene was filmed in the swimming pool of the local high school.



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