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De carona no cinema - Hook - A volta do Capitão Gancho

Veja dicas de outros filmes que tenham participações relevantes de bebês ou crianças ali no cantinho esquerdo do blog. Saiba mais sobre o projeto, aqui.

Clássico é clássico e merece respeito. A história do menino que não queria crescer fez parte da minha infância através do livro e mesmo da adaptação feita pela Disney.

O que eu acho interessante é que ela faz tanto sentido para crianças como para adultos. As crianças querem crescer para ficar tão altas quanto a irmã mais velha, poder dormir na casa da prima e fazer aquela viagem com os amigos da escola. Mas na hora de ajudar a mãe com tarefas da casa ou estudar pra prova bimestral, que criança que não gostaria de fugir para um lugar onde as responsabilidades simplesmente não existissem e a vida fosse uma grande aventura? E quem de nós nunca quis voltar no tempo, voltar a ser criança e viver as “férias prolongadas” de Peter num lugar como a Terra do Nunca?

Mas a gente sabe que amanhã estaremos um pouco mais velhos, um pouco menos crianças. E como seria se Peter saísse de seu mundo encantado e começasse a ser menos criança a cada dia? Foi esta pergunta que o filho de James V. Hart fez a ele certo dia. E, ao invés de simplesmente imaginar o que poderia acontecer, compartilhar com seu filho sua versão dos fatos e deixar o assunto morrer, o escritor desenvolveu uma história inteira, repleta de novas aventuras.

Ver Robin Williams na tela já é motivo suficiente para sentar e assistir o que quer que seja, do começo ao fim. Saber que, neste filme, ele é Peter Pan, que foi embora da Terra do Nunca, cresceu, mas precisa voltar para resolver assuntos do passado, é motivo em dobro para esperar bons momentos. Uma ótima oportunidade de ver um adulto voltar a ser criança.

Hook - A volta do Capitão Gancho

Título original: Hook
Lançamento: 16 de janeiro de 1992
Duração: 2h15min
Dirigido por Steven Spielberg
Gênero: Aventura, Comédia, Fantasia
Nacionalidade: EUA


Aos quarenta anos Peter Banning (Robin Williams), que um dia já foi Peter Pan, é um homem tão envolvido com o trabalho que deixou de dar atenção à família e esqueceu a sua origem. Mas o Capitão Gancho (Dustin Hoffman) seqüestra seus filhos, obrigando-o a retornar a Terra do Nunca.


Dustin Hoffman ... Capt. Hook
Robin Williams ... Peter Banning
Julia Roberts ... Tinkerbell
Bob Hoskins ... Smee
Maggie Smith ... Granny Wendy
Caroline Goodall ... Moira Banning
Charlie Korsmo ... Jack 'Jackie' Banning
Amber Scott ... Maggie Banning
Laurel Cronin ... Liza, Wendy's Housekeeper
Phil Collins ... Inspector Good
Arthur Malet ... Tootles
Isaiah Robinson ... Pockets
Jasen Fisher ... Ace
Dante Basco ... Rufio
Raushan Hammond ... Thud Butt


Melhor Direção de Arte
Melhor Figurino
Melhor Maquiagem
Melhor Canção Original - "When You're Alone"
Melhores Efeitos Especiais

Melhor Ator - Comédia/Musical - Dustin Hoffman

Pior Atriz Coadjuvante - Julia Roberts


The kissing couple who begin to float when some fairy dust lands on them are actually George Lucas and Carrie Fisher in a cameo.


When the Bannings fly to England, the pilot's voice is that of Dustin Hoffman (Captain Hook) - "This is your captain speaking..."


While Peter is on his cellphone, the children are running around him. Jack stands in front of a light which makes his shadow grow large against the wall. The shadow is right next to Peter while he is on the phone. This is a reference to Peter Pan and his shadow.


In 1985, composer John Williams and lyricist Leslie Bricusse worked on "Hook", being a stage musical, but the project was scrapped after about ten songs were written. Only one song from the play, "When You're Alone," made it to the film. However, many of the play' themes can be heard in Williams' incidental music for the film.


Bob Hoskins bought beer for 300+ extras after a lengthy and complicated scene was cut.


There were frequent good-natured "battle of wits" exchanges between Williams and Hoffman. In one incident, Hoffman was not happy with his performance and asked for the scene to be re-shot. Williams quipped "Try acting": a reference to the Hoffman / Laurence Olivier exchange on the set of Maratona da Morte.


Because Tinkerbell was often in the air, Julia Roberts had an assistant whose sole responsibility was cleaning her feet.


When Tootles floats out the window at the end, he says "Seize the Day", which has significance for Robin Williams, who starred in Seize the Day, and Sociedade dos Poetas Mortos (in which this was a catchphrase).



Dustin Hoffman's three children make appearances in the movie. His youngest son, Max Hoffman plays 5 year-old Peter Pan. His daughter, Rebecca Hoffman plays Jane in the play at the beginning of the movie, and his oldest son, Jake Hoffman plays a little league player in Jack's baseball game.


Writer James V. Hart credits the inspiration for his take on this continuing Peter Pan story to his young son Jake who one day asked him what would have happened if Peter Pan grew up.


Carrie Fisher was Steven Spielberg's original prototype for Tinkerbell.


The teddy bear from Captain Hook's cabin was accidentally given to Julia Roberts by Steven Spielberg when she checked in to hospital for nervous exhaustion. Spielberg realized his mistake the night before he was due to shoot a scene in Hook's cabin, and the prop department had to rustle up a look-alike in a matter of hours.


The names of the original lost boys appear on the door to Wendy's house.


One of the pirates who attempts to steal Peter's shoes when he first arrives in Neverland is played by singer Jimmy Buffett.


Steven Spielberg admitted to being disappointed with final result of the movie. He had such a hard time working with the rebellious crew of young actors that he later said, only somewhat kiddingly, that the experience made him wonder if he wanted to have any more kids. He also felt guilty that he wasn't able to find an economical method to filming the many complex human-flight sequences in the film.


Both Dustin Hoffman and Robin Williams's stunt doubles were named Keith. When Steven Spielberg called for Keith to come to the set, both Keith's showed up. Eventually, Hoffman's stunt double changed his name from Keith to Keifo.


Robin Williams's upper body and arms were shaved for his role in the film.


The original "Peter Pan" included only six Lost Boys (Slightly, Tootles, Nibs, Curly, and the unnamed Twins).The unnamed twins appear in the imaginary food scene.


Jack was the name of one of the boys original author J.M. Barrie wrote Peter Pan for (and later became the adopted father of). The five boys were George, Jack, Nicholas, Peter, and Michael Davies.


In the film, Captain Hook's "hook" is where his left hand was before a crocodile bit it off. In the play, "Peter and Wendy", his hook is where his right hand used to be.


Kevin Kline was originally set to play Peter Pan, but had to drop out of the film because of Segredos de uma Novela which was having major re-shoots, re-writes and taking much longer than expected to complete shooting.


Julia Roberts was nicknamed "Tinkerhell" because she was difficult to deal with.


Steven Spielberg originally asked Richard Attenborough to play Tootles. Attenborough declined, as he was working on Chaplin at the time.


David Bowie turned down the role of Captain James Hook.


Tom Hanks was considered for the role of Peter Pan.


Rebecca De Mornay was considered for the role of Tinkerbell.  Samantha Mathis was one of the actresses considered for the role of Tinkerbell.


Peter clapping his hands to heal Tinker Bell was a reference to the times when Peter Pan was performed on stage. Peter would ask the audience to clap to heal Tink. In the Disney animated film, the clapping was left out because Peter couldn't interact with audience and ask them to clap for Tinker Bell.


After Peter Pan finds his kids kidnapped he is talking with the inspectors, the main inspector is Phil Collins.


Joseph Mazzello was considered for the role of 'Jack'.


In the scene where Hook enters Wendy's home to kidnap the children, just as Nana the dog is shown. She can be heard barking before waking Toodles. It's possible to hear Nana barking "woof! woof! hoof! hoof! HOOK!" To which Toodles then awakes and starts to say Hook.


Dustin Hoffman has appeared in two films about "Peter Pan" (Hook: A Volta do Capitão Gancho and Em Busca da Terra do Nunca). Following his appearance in "Hook", close friend and former roommate Gene Hackman began calling him "Hook" as a joke. The name stuck and his contemporaries call him by that nickname to this day.


There are many references to the story of Peter Pan in Wendy's house: In the nursery the window clasp is in the shape of Captain Hook's hook; the wall boarders are painted scenes from the Peter Pan story; in Toodles' room is a scale model of the Jolly Roger in a bottle; Wendy's brother John's top hat and glasses; Wendy's youngest brother Michael's teddy bear.


When Granny Wendy is telling the children about the story of Peter Pan, she is holding one of the original printings of the book. It is a first edition version which is noticeable by the olive color, and the gold gilt design on the front cover. The version was printed in 1911 as the first novelization of Peter and Wendy.


Steven Spielberg originally slated this film as a vehicle for Michael Jackson in 1983 after the latter expressed an interest in starring in it and contributing to its soundtrack. Spielberg instead decided to focus on Indiana Jones e o Templo da Perdição and shelved the project until 1989, when pre-production the film began.


Gwyneth Paltrow's second film. She appears briefly, as the teen-aged Wendy during the quick sequence as Wendy is growing up.


Maggie Smith, who played 92-year-old Granny Wendy, was only 57 at the time the film was made.


The film originally had a shooting schedule of 76 days and a budget of $48 million, but production took longer than expected. Thus, the shooting schedule expanded to 116 days (40 days over the original), and the budget rose from roughly $60 million to $80 million. Steven Spielberg blames himself for this, saying, "I began to work at a slower pace than I usually do."


The shot in which the Captain's hook is fitted to his arm for the first time had to be done in one take as the flicker effect was achieved using rare, single use flash bulbs.


According to Frank Sanello's biography "Spielberg," Nick Castle was originally attached to direct the film, and had been developing the screenplay for the film for a long time. Once Steven Spielberg expressed interest in being involved, the producers (and possibly heads of the studio) quickly gave Nick Castle a six-figure settlement, gross points and a "screen story" credit so that he could step down and Spielberg could helm the production.





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